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Diesen Monat möchte ich ein Gedicht als Gedanke des Monats teilen. Das Gedicht begleitet mich schon seit etwa einem Jahr und ich empfinde es als unglaublich schön und sehr sehr wahr. Dancing Anyway Wounds can be healed Some leave a scar Some leave us walking with a bit of a limp We can spend years trying to walk as if we’d never been hit Learning to pass as someone who has never felt the blade never been burned by the fire Trying to fade every scar Or we can accept what is and move to the music as we are- a little lopsided tilting into the wind coming to a sudden stillness when a voice or a movement ignites an old neural pathway with the remembered scent of blood and burning We pause for just a moment not breathing Then exhale and inhale and move to the the melody once more Some wounds even after they’re healed leave us walking with a bit of a limp But they cannot stop us from dancing

~Oriah „Mountain Dreamer“ House (c) 2016

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